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With over 20 years of experience we are a full residential energy integrator company. We custom design the energy application specifically to each home need and use. We specifically provide access to installing solar panels, batteries for energy storage and generators for back up energy. The residential energy market is advancing faster than ever. Vesta Home Energy is responding faster.


When you buy your home you are automatically linked to paying an electric company or co-op for the rest of your life with no ROI. Your electric bill promises you two things: to only go up and to never end.

Did you know your energy cost increases at an average of 4% every year? What is surprising to many is that the cost of energy is not the generation but the transmission. That means it cost more to get it to you than to make it. Making energy onsite cuts your cost in half!.


When the grid goes down you have no power, its as simple as that. With Vesta’s renewable backup energy solution added to your home, you will always have access to your own personal energy. Our Solar panels with the ability to work at a 92% efficiency rate for 20+ years, you’ll be able to charge and store your own access to your personal energy in our industry leading HEIS Batteries. Vesta home Energy is a 5 star company, with the industries leading technicians. When your home energy products are installed, they are installed by 5 star certified technicians that have been in the field for 10+ years alone. You project is in good hands from start to finish, we guarantee it with the Vesta Product Warranty.


Simple, affordable loans make it easier than ever to upgrade your home.
Our simple application will quickly let you know if you qualify for a solar loan.

Long-term benefits

Financing your solar system may reduce your energy bills

Low monthly payments

With a solar loan, you may be able to lock in a lower monthly payment

Save money

Take advantage of the financial incentives solar energy provides

Tax credits

You may be eligible to earn tax
credits for going solar*


Make 100% reliable energy real.

Reliable Power – Never be without Power again. Reliable Budget – never changing
electric bill Reliable Company – internal product, financing, technicians warranty and support.







Joseph is super knowledgeable not just about solar power and its benefits, but also whether or not you'd be a good candidate. Lots of factors go into that, such as house orientation, hours of sunlight daily, shade trees, etc. This sets him apart not just as a good salesman, but also as a good person! Not selling a product to someone that won't benefit from it just to make a sale. SolarPowerVA is glad great company, and their salesman Joseph is a huge asset to the team there
Mila K

Certified Products

NABCEP Member | Generac Authorized Dealer | PowerWall Certified Installer | Sol Ark Certified Programmer | Signature Solar Preferred Vendor

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