Solar Energy

Why you should choose Vesta Home Energy Solar.

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You can’t talk about solar panels without talking about silicon. Silicon is a non-metallic element and one of the most abundant materials on earth.  

It’s also has the ability to convert sunlight into electricity, and, you guessed it, it is the key ingredient in a solar system.

To make a solar panel, the solar cells (or pv cells) are made using crystalline silicon, it is sliced into ultra-thin wafers that are only millimeters thin.  

These tiny wafers are then layered between protective glass, insulation, and a protective back sheet, thus creating a solar panel.

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Electrons and Atoms

It starts with the basics of physics – electricity is made when electrons move between atoms.  

To get a little techy, the top and bottom of a silicon wafer that is in the solar cell is treated with small amounts of extra material, this is so that the top layer has more electrons and the bottom layer has less.  

Then when the sun excites the electrons in these oppositely charged layers, those electrons move through a circuit that’s attached to the panels, this causes the electrons to flow through the circuit is what creates an electrical current.


The electrical current, or direct current (DC) electricity, is then fed into a solar inverter and is then converted to alternating current (AC) electricity, this is the electricity that ultimately powers your home.

No Harmful Emissions

Currently this entire process is happening every day, safely, quietly, and instantaneously in hundreds and thousands of homes across the country without any of the harmful emissions that are found in more traditional sources of electricity like coal or gas. 

As a bonus, there aren’t any mechanical parts that will wear out, so solar panels can go on for decades